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Elephants on the Wall Three Ring Circus Mural

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Elephants on the Wall Three Ring Circus Mural

This wall mural is sure to fit most rooms and still make a big impact with its bright colors and fun characters. Our juggling clown, atop his unicycle, joins a tightrope-walking pig who balances precariously above a hungry lion. Meanwhile, the elephant in the center ring enjoys balancing atop a tiny ball while his pal, the circus monkey, does a handstand on his head. To complete the effect, don't miss our Ringmaster and Circus Giraffe doorhuggers. Perfect for Kid's room decor.

Small Measures: 10" wide 5'-8" tall

Large Measures: 7' tall 12' wide

Paint by Number kit includes: pattern, transfer paper, directions & color guide.

For installation of this wall mural, please check out our Paint by Number FAQs page.
Price: $99        Ships in: 1-2 Weeks

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